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FAB Architectural Bureau Milano:


by Floornature (Paolo Schianchi, Mara Corradi, Agnese Bifulco)


19 June 2015

from 6.30 pm to 10 pm

After tackling the architecture project based on the creative binomial food&design, FAB
Architectural Bureau Milano, the new exhibition area dedicated to architecture promoted by GranitiFiandre and Porcelaingres, is opening its doors to Tamassociati and Emergency, tackling the subject of architecture as an element of humanitarian intervention in developing countries.

The event presents the precious synergy between two internationally famous Italian businesses working together to pursue the common goal of guaranteeing the right to free and high quality healthcare in some of the most devastated countries in the world, using architecture as a means, but also as a symbol of this principle.

The TAMASSOCIATI X EMERGENCY exhibition, organised by the Floornature architecture portal, presents the series of projects developed in Africa, focusing on the construction of the Paediatric Centre in Port Sudan and the Salam Centre for Cardiac Surgery in Khartoum, buildings that won important international awards. The very recent project, which is still in progress, for building the new Emergency facility in Milan, will also be presented.

Opening the event will be a talk involving Enrico Vianello from Tamassociati, Gabriele Risica, a cardiologist and coordinator of the Emergency Medical Division, and Paolo Schianchi, the editorial director of Floornature as moderator. The evening will end with a happening and finger food provided by the chef Lorenzo Lavezzari.

Taking Care in Architecture is the claim that represents the main theme of the projects implemented by Tamassociati with Emergency, always involving local skills and applying technology based on minimal expenditure of economic resources. Architectural quality, containment of costs, respect for the environment through the use of greenery as a decorative element and the use of passive techniques for creating practical and comfortable environments all aim to contribute to patient wellbeing. Aiming towards utmost sobriety and simplicity, through the reduction of everything superfluous, has led to the implementation of innovative projects.

FAB Milano has the chance to show off its dynamic and multifunctional exhibition area on this occasion, becoming a place for creating value and promoting consistent and responsible growth. A new way of conceiving design strategies and the role of the architect, exploring practical alternatives to the Western development model.

FAB Architectural Bureau Milano
via Solferino, 40
Brera 20121 Milano www.fab-architectural.com

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