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The new town square in Maranello was paved using 1,088 m² of Bedonia Exté Active slabs: a study carried out by the Department of Chemistry at the Università degli Studi in Milan, examined the photo-degradation of nitrogen oxide (a pollutant causing tremendous concern to the World Health Organisation) first hand, using the same material to verify the efficiency of anti-polluting properties of the paving. They simulated conditions equal to 8 hours of exposure of the paving to sunlight, and the results showed that it was able to inhibit the formation of nitrogen oxide in exactly the same amount as 20,000 m² of green area would in a year, bringing the same benefits.

Research undertaken by GranitiFiandre over a series of decades has also focussed on the environment and eco-sustainability. Consequently, the company worked hard on a scientific analysis of data that has led to the creation of innovative porcelain stoneware far removed from the standard porcelain stoneware product available today, to create highly technical porcelain stoneware that is at the forefront of the industry.

Active Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™ is the result of the innovative and in-depth study, which took aboard comments from members of the public and now offers itself to the market as a product for the future, well beyond the hic et nunc use of today.

This very same prudent view influenced the decision taken by the administration of the Municipality of Maranello, who needed to re-new, make eco-friendly and reclaim the public place opposite one of the most visited attractions in the region, the Museo Ferrari, a museum near the birthplace of and dedicated to the legendary Prancing Horse cars.

Along with Archilinea Progetti, the studio that created the architectural appearance of the site, with an emphasis on eco-friendly design using the latest green technology, GranitiFiandre suggested the use of Active as paving for the square opposite the Museo Ferrari.

By working together to choose the right materials for the project, the Municipality of Maranello, GranitiFiandre and Museo Ferrari have taken the bold decision to make sure residents are not only passive players in future decisions, but are at the centre of the decision-making process as well as being viewed as the people who have to bring the space to life and breath new energy into the city.

The square is the first real example of the union between innovation, excellent and concreteness, a public space that allows the residents of Maranello, as well as the people who visit the city and the museum, to benefit from the effects of the materials used. Something that goes above and beyond the aesthetic look of the square and breaks new ground by taking an active role in reducing the presence of polluting substances present in the air we breathe.

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