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The new Ferrari museum in Maranello (MO) opened on Tuesday, June 11. The exhibition space about the world’s best-known sportscar is now 1000 square metres bigger. The classic exhibition gallery is now flanked by a brand new structure on two levels for hosting conventions, meetings and exhibitions of all kinds.
The tight construction schedule represented a real challenge for Archilinea architectural studio: only six months to construct a whole building right next door to a facility that attracts thousands of visitors a day and stays open 363 days a year. Archilinea president Giuseppe Gervasi commented on the project: “Timing is one of the aspects we’re working on as a team. Constructing a 1000 square metre building in only a few months seemed impossible, but we did it”.
Fiandre played a very important role in the project for construction of this temple of advanced engineering, providing the flooring for the entire facility using what is now the Castellarano based company’s best-known material. Maximum Fiandre Extralite provides tangible, concrete proof of Fiandre’s vocation for research, innovation and technology: a high-tech porcelain tile of incredibly large size, 300x150 cm, only 6 mm thick. A material, Maximum, that marks the beginning of a new era in ceramics, in which the tile is no longer just a floor covering but a true architectural tool in designer’s hands, permitting minimal use of grouting.

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