Architectural solutions by Fiandre Architectural Surfaces express themselves through prestigious case histories; innovative applications, customisation and dedicated workmanship become exponents of contemporary architectural design.
Fiandre expertise and the specific skills that the brand has developed over time become a tool at the service of architects and designers, in order to provide a concrete, effective response and guarantee the utmost satisfaction for clients.
The understanding of the intervention taken as a whole and synergy between architectural firm and supplier are the winning element for providing integrated, knowledgeable design.
INSIGHTS, an interior vision, a privileged scenario for apprehending the evolution of constructive dynamics and understanding the role of every actor involved.

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La macchina del tempo
Museo storico
Alfa Romeo

The automotive industry speaks almost Fiandre’s language.
Efficiency, high performance, meticulous precision and velocity are common trade union points that both sectors share...

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