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On 13 October 2016 at 6.30 pm with the patronage of the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Milan, FAB hosts the meeting titled “Contingency architecture. The Munich experience by Nicola Borgmann”.
On this occasion the architect Paolo Schianchi, organiser of the events at Fab and Thea Campioli, marketing manager of the Fiandre brand together with Nicola Borgmann, special guest of the evening and curator of the Architekturgalerie München, will explore the delicate role of contemporary architecture at a time in history characterised by great cultural change and upheaval caused by unprecedented levels of migration.

Please feel free to register at the event using the link below:Eventbrite - L’ARCHITETTURA DELLA CONTINGENZA. L’ESPERIENZA DI MONACO DI BAVIERA A CURA DI NICOLA BORGMANN.

The fourth One Night presents, exclusively for Italy, the German cultural experience with a selection of projects taken from the exhibition “WIR MACHEN DAS! Wohnraum für Alle + Home not Shelter” held in collaboration with the Hans Sauer foundation at the Architekturgalerie München last month.
The art historian and architect Nicola Borgmann, who has conducted a probing, personal study of contingency architecture, will present a number of completed and ongoing projects in order to reflect upon good architecture that respects human dignity and people's basic rights.
Housing and integration are themes that have inspired numerous initiatives in Germany, above all in Munich, capital of Bavaria, one of the federal nation's richest "Länder" and, consequently, a popular destination with many refugees, particularly those taking the Balkan migration route.
“Contingency architecture. The Munich experience by Nicola Borgmann” explores the role of architecture as a universal language of comparison on the theme of how refugees and migrants are welcomed and as an expression of new social and territorial relations that are gradually altering the urban fabric and demographic structure of cities.

And for FAB, this preparatory exhibition in the German Pavillion at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2016 becomes a focus for reflection that must engage all architects and designers, drawing attention to the need to deliver flexible construction projects that are accessible to all, and that go beyond the idea of temporary shelter in order to deliver proper homes.
The meeting will be accompanied by a creative exhibition, staged by the Floornature team, which reinterprets an archetype of a house through a white tubular structure held together by red clamps: this minimalist white shelter, with its bold red joints, becomes a metaphor for the inalienable right to housing and serves as a support for two giant Fiandre slabs on which the images of the selected projects are projected.
The meeting at Fab is part of a programme of international events and echoes the sentiments of the exhibition “Insecurities: Tracing Displacement and Shelter” held at the Moma (New York), which explores modern architecture's approach to the notion of shelter in the light of the global refugee emergency and today's mass migration.

The meeting will take place with simultaneous translation by Christiane Bürklein (Livegreenblog) in Italian and German.
After the meeting, refreshments will be served to all in attendance.


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