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Fiandre’s spring collections start with Extreme: a new collection of 150x75 cm tiles, the product of dynamic research that has injected extreme resistance to a product, matchless in terms of richness and robustness. A full-bodied material where cloudiness crosses the entire surface of the material.
Exential Extreme: essential, basic, pure, elemental, as only the material can be.
Minimal aesthetics marked by light tone-on-tone nuances which end up enriching the material itself with tactile depth. In line with the most advanced design trends, Exential is a collection that aims to fill architectural spaces and environments, without redundant effects and without anything more than the simple material allure.

Pure, Elemental, Intrinsic, Basic and Deep: the 5 colours that make up the Exential collection, 5 shades that range from the delicate paleness of Pure to the dark depth of Deep, moving through the warm tones of Elemental to reach the "greyge" of Basic.
Available in the two standard formats of the Extreme range, 150x75 cm and 75x75 cm, all the materials in the collection can be found in two different finishes: silk-touch, which is ideal for interior design, with its soft lines, obtained thanks to a special lapping process that takes inspiration from the original processing of quarry marble, gives the material an almost velvet-like finish to the touch, exalting the colour characteristics even more.
But Exential is also a structured and strong material, particularly suitable not only for exterior design, but also for wellness facilities: swimming pools, Turkish baths, spas and wellness centres and anywhere that needs materials with precise non-slip specifications.
So, Exential provides a complete, ductile solution, for interior and exterior design, for large or smaller areas, where essentiality is the main feature, the essentiality of the material itself.

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