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An Archilinea project for Fiandre Architectural Surfaces.
CERSAIE, Bologna Fiere / 26 - 30 September 2016
Hall 25, Stand A164-B165

LESS is MORE, the famous quote by L. Mies van der Rohe, is the slogan for the Fiandre exhibition at CERSAIE 2016, designed by the architecture firm Archilinea. The stylistic reference is the German Pavilion for Barcelona International Exposition (1929) by the pioneer of Modernism, the emblem of simplified, essential universal architecture.

This field of design, reinterpreted in a contemporary key by the Archilinea team, offers a pure and spectacular visual impact of Fiandre’s tiles, arranged along a clean and easy-to-use path. Minimalism and rationality do not therefore represent merely an aesthetic or linguistic subterfuge but rather an aware rejection of design complexities, to show off the new Fiandre ceramic surfaces to the full.

Overlappings and games of perspective alternate in a weave of perpendicular and parallel walls acting as display panels that also mark out areas dedicated to specific functions such as reception areas, product displays, meeting rooms and catering facilities.

This form is the result of a rational research work into essentiality, to the point in which nothing can be added and nothing removed.
Formal balance, the right measure and correct proportions are the linchpins of this project developed by Archilinea to illustrate the two-way relationship between design and material: the fine porcelain stoneware surfaces render the architectural wrapping more precious, and vice versa the design underlines the peculiarities of the Fiandre material.

"LESS IS MORE is a concept introduced by architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in the 1930s.
Less is More indicates that the best result, the “More”, is obtained when architecture is essential and perfectly suited to its functions. This was a great revolution in a time in which embellishment was the norm, when architectural design bowed to the principle of opulence and apparent complexity.
Following this principle, we designed a temporary pavilion for Fiandre for Cersaie 2016 that eliminated all distractions and artefacts in order to offer the perfect showcase for ceramic slabs.
Borrowing from the design of the Barcelona Pavilion, Archilinea has created a bare space, with no exhibition, dominated by its structure, in which a single sculpture and furniture designed specifically for the event stand out perfectly. High-quality Maximum Fiandre Extralite® ceramic slabs, like concrete white marble veneers and resins, or grey tinted glass, have the sole function of partitioning the space. The walls not only create the space, but also direct the visitors’ path: this effect was obtained by placing the wall surfaces against each other, creating a space that changes constantly in a game of variable depths."


The new colours of Marmi Maximum are shown off in all their splendour, while there are many unique collections in more conventional sizes that are displayed brilliantly on the stand: not to be missed, the sophisticated marble colours of Marble Lab, the Nordic minimalism of Fjord and the authentic flavour of Neo Genesis.

Rigour and essentiality are also the distinctive features of the furnishing complements displayed on the stand, including tables, counters, desks, shelving and display units. Designed and produced one by one to order, each element incorporates Maximum Fiandre Extralite® surfaces with other materials such as glass and metal.
The quality processing, the precision assembly of the edges and the coupling of different surfaces demonstrate the versatility of Maximum also in the furnishing sector.

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