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Artedomus, exclusive Australian distributor of Fiandre products through the MAXIMUM AUSTRALIA brand, participated in this year's Sydney Indesign trade fair, presenting a work featuring Fiandre’s MAXIMUM surfaces in the 300x150 cm size.
In partnership with the designers of Thomas Coward’s studio in Melbourne, Artedomus commissioned and produced The Pipers, a conceptual installation reinterpreting the charm and power of stone throughout human history in a contemporary light.

Inspired by the megaliths of ancient Britannia, giant prehistoric stone constructions around which ancient Britons celebrated their sacred rites in honour of nature, The Pipers was created entirely out of Maximum porcelain tiles, chosen for their size, lightness, flexibility and high performance in terms of strength and flexibility.

The Pipers was constructed with Calacatta Statuario Maximum, Travertino Maximum and Nero Supremo, the finishes of which add to the sculpture’s prestige, giving it an intensely natural look recalling the colours and shapes of Britain’s holy places.
In line with the theme of Sydney Indesign 2015, Ritual: The art of tradition, Artedomus has created a work exploring the ancient symbols of megalithic culture, celebrating nature as a ritual of timeless communication.

Design: Thomas Coward Studio
Project: commissioned and produced by Artedomus
Photo: Willem Rethmeier
Maximum Australia

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