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sala architettura berlin no. 3
29th January 2016 at 5pm
Sarotti-Höfe, Mehringdamm 53 – 57, 10961 Berlin-Kreuzberg

Since October 2015 architect Volker Halbach and curator Sally Below collaborate with renowned architects from all over Germany to transform the exhibition space of the Italian company FIANDRE in Berlin-Kreuzberg into the FAB ARCHITECTURAL BUREAU BERLIN. In October 2016 team no. 1 designed the basic concept and scenario for the room. Starting from this basis team no. 2 joins the process on the 27th and 28th of January and works on the topic of "interactive surfaces".

Participants are:
Chris Middleton, Kinzo, Berlin
Ritz Ritzer, bogevischs buero, Munich
Jan Theissen, AMUNT - Architekten Martenson und Nagel Theissen, Aachen/Stuttgart
Petra Vondenhof-Anderhalten, Anderhalten Architekten, Berlin

Input on materials and surfaces:
Prof. Christiane Sauer, Formade / Lüling Sauer Architekten, Berlin

In three consecutive workshops the exhibition area will be transformed into a multifunctional room. The drafts resulting from the workshops are subsequently implemented and built - in this way the transformation process is currently in full swing: The existing walls and the previous floors are deconstructed and the layer designed by the first team is implemented in the room.
The state of development, the ideas and drafts of the first and second workshop will be presented to the public "on site" on January the 29th.

Lilli Hollein, director of the Vienna Design Week, Austria's most important design festival, and curator for architecture and design will hold the evening lecture. Her input links the topics design and room and adds a "third" point of view to the ideas and approaches developed during the workshops.

Program on Friday, 29th January 2016

5 pm - Presentation with the design team: workshop results
6 pm - Lecture of Lilli Hollein, Vienna Design Week: Design and Room
7 pm - Gala with drinks, snacks and Italian music

Registration by writing to:

Sarotti-Höfe, Mehringdamm 53/57, 10961 Berlin-Kreuzberg

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