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Porcelain Tile Marble Effect

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Riciclo - Recycle The products bearing this symbol have been manufactured using at least 40% of recycled material.
They comply with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) requirements as regards criterion 4.1 regarding “Recycled Material Content”.

Variante Code Skid resistance
Din 51130
Finish Thickness
100X100 (40"X40") - MML461010 - Bright 0,60
150X100 (60"X40") - MML461015 - Bright 0,60
150X150 (60"X60") - MML461515 - Bright 0,60
150X75 (60"X30") - MML46715 - Bright 0,60
300X100 (120"X40") - MML461030 - Bright 0,60
300X150 (120"X60") - MML461530 - Bright 0,60
300X150 (120"X60") A MML1461530 - Bright 0,60
300X150 (120"X60") B MML1561530 - Bright 0,60
75X37,5 (30"X15") - MML4673 - Bright 0,60
75X75 (30"X30") - MML4677 - Bright 0,60
100X100 (40"X40") - MMS461010 R9 Honed 0,60
150X100 (60"X40") - MMS461015 R9 Honed 0,60
150X150 (60"X60") - MMS461515 R9 Honed 0,60
150X75 (60"X30") - MMS46715 R9 Honed 0,60
300X100 (120"X40") - MMS461030 R9 Honed 0,60
300X150 (120"X60") - MMS461530 R9 Honed 0,60
300X150 (120"X60") A MMS1461530 R9 Honed 0,60
300X150 (120"X60") B MMS1561530 R9 Honed 0,60
75X37,5 (30"X15") - MMS4673 R9 Honed 0,60
75X75 (30"X30") - MMS4677 R9 Honed 0,60

Maximum slabs, in addition to the exceptional size, offer the novelty of a minimum thickness. The technology available has made it possible to create stunning slabs in an astonishing size associated with a minimum thickness of 6 mm and surfaces without any harshness: characteristics that make it an “essential” material, despite the outstanding size for this feature.
The inimitable classical taste of Calacatta: a fine, decorative solution, enriched by unrepeatable degrees of colour intensity and veins that always differ from one another. As of today you will be able to personalise your floors and coatings even more... Calacatta Maximum is here in variations A and B. These two options construct that original marble vein giving the surfaces even more authentic and precious allure. Calacatta is a material where attention is paid to the tiniest details.


Degree of colour change

V3 Strong


LEED - 59 Kb


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