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natura maximum

The research of Fiandre continues following the burst of evolution that led to the development of the Maximum porcelain stoneware slabs. Technology and sustainability are united for a collection that combines the best of technical development, extraordinary dimensions and the traditional surfaces of the finest wood crafting.
The slabs, made with the finest porcelain tile, offer a streamlined and, at the same time, imposing format. With a length of 240 cm and a width of only 24 cm, the slabs of Natura Maximum offer a natural and contemporary style. Produced in full respect for the environment and with particular attention to energy and natural resource conservation, they guarantee the same performance of Fiandre’s technical porcelain stoneware, always above the average values, and also offer a new meaning to the word sustainability, which starts from the protection of our natural resources.


All the materials belonging to this collection are certified as follows: