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Year: 2002
Square Meters: 8800
Studio: gmp - von Gerkan, Marg und Partner

The core of the new Porsche factory, between test track and production place of the new cars, is the location of the new Customer Centre.
The design by gmp - von Gerkan, Mag und Partner is based on the Corporate Identity specifications of the sports car manufacturer, which are valid worldwide.
The building serves as a presentation platform as well as a delivery space for new cars and simultaneously as administration and workshop facility of the new Porsche cross-country vehicle "Cayenne", which is manufactured in this location. With the central axis stretching from the gates, across the visitor car park and up to the Customer Centre, the Leipzig Porsche factory presents itself directly to the public.

The building consists of a massive socle with a fair-faced concrete surface and a circular tower clad with metal panels.
The latter forms a landmark visible from a distance and also provides a viewing platform, from where the extensive complex can be viewed.
The socle building and the tower can be simultaneously used in different ways due to a horizontal spatial division and two separate entrance levels that are connected via ramps and flights of stairs: whilst the regular workshop activities and tha handing-over of vehicles proceeds on the lower level, a sports car display is presented on the outdoor terrace and for example a chamber concert with an audience of up 500 people can take place on the highest level, the event area.

The so-called event area consists of a circular event hall with presentation stage, gastronomy, and exhibition gallery for historic vehicles. The open plan concept allows for a flexible use for events of all kinds.
A small auditorium and the kitchen in the level located below complement the spaces provided.
The socle building and the core of the Customer Centre are built in reinforced concrete and serve as stiffening elements to the circolar tower, which is designed as a pure steel structure can therefore be omitted.

Both construction principles are perceivable due to the façade formation and the visible load-bearing elements in the interior.
The comprehensive design concept conceived by gmp defines a uniform, structuring design for the exterior space of the overall premises.
It is therefore possible to perceive the different parts of the factory, which have been designed by different planners (production plant, test track, off-road track, Customer Centre), as a unit. (From the project report)

Text by gmp
From Materia n°42 - NEW MATERIALS

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