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Stations and Airports

The non-place, a concept dear to social theories espoused in the second half of the 1900s, appears close to becoming obsolete when compared to the modern-day reality of the “global village”.
Instead of causing a flattening the world scene, it has evolved inside the practice of active citizenship, and spread to just about every corner of the globe.
And so the association between stations and places of passage returns, because whether it is an international airport or a stop in the underground, it is always the beginning of a new voyage of discovery, or an invitation to take this journey in a host country. With this function of orientation in mind, a vital role is played by wall and floor treatments, called onto centre stage by the modern concept and adaptation of wayfinding: the wide range of colours developed for the materials allow designers to literally create paths at these crossroads - on the walls or floors using colours which can be very clearly distinguished and followed.

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