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120x60 Pietra Basaltina Flamed
40x40 Luserna Exte Slate

Year: 2006
Square Meters: 1600
Architects: Stefano Battaglia

My passion for architecture is rooted in the idea that a form, an object, a space may, if designed with style and personality, improve the quality of the environment around it and the life of those who live in or use it.
I don’t see architecture as something separated from research, design or the landscape in general, be it real or only emotional.

Beauty and research only make sense, as such, if used for a purpose, just as this purpose must be an essential part, modelled with, the forms used. I love the details of an aggregate, the attention dedicated to everything, and architecture is a consequence of this. It is on the basis of this premise and philosophy that my cooperation with Riello has been launched: to create, in an extremely refined industrial context with existing plants and offices, a building-symbol which had to embody the leadership role of Riello and its Brands.

A very rational layout which allows great flexibility in terms of subdivision of the interiors, has been covered by a “skin” in aluminium and “GranitiFiandre polished porcelain tile in format 120X60” which, dialoguing with the modularity of the existing buildings, gives the “headquarters” a meaningful and austere air. The building conveys its important role also through the covered passage which symbolizes the link between management and production.
At the end of the path, when the visitor comes face to face with the main entrance, the statue of the founder “oversees” the whole property, almost as if he still wanted to keep an eye on everything.

From D'Architettura n°38

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