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40x40 Apricena
40x40 Absolute

Year: 1999
Square Meters: 12000
Studio: BAA Joint Venture

For the realization of stations for the Heathrow Express, a number of interesting projects have been conceived and implemented to facilitate the service of fast transportation between the city of London and the airport. The Heathrow Express service is, in fact, a revolutionary non-step connection that offers the fastest alternative between the Heathrow airport and the centre of the British city, allowing passengers to arrive at their destination in fifteen minutes.
This service is so efficient that it could only be reflected by an architecture designed not only to make passenger transit fluid and comfortable but also to give a dynamic, modern image of the transport company; an image which has been sublimated in the utilization of finishes extremely suitable for this purpose.

At a distance of some years now, Apricena and Absolute, both from the Graniti Collection produced by GranitiFiandre, materials utilized for flooring, continue to guarantee that perfect blend of aesthetic and functional requisites necessary for a station of this type.

The enormous confluence of passengers necessarily obliged the designer to opt for a product designed to resist wear and continuous mechanical stress over the years - a product whose standards are characterized by guarantee of respect for European norms, thanks to the top quality of the raw materials and the technology applied in its production process.

From Materia n°35 - PLACES OF TRANSIT

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