Fiandre and Colourliving win the “Silver Award” at the A&D AWARDS in Hong Kong with the innovative Hypertouch surface

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Boosting the functions of design beyond the imaginable: Hypertouch, Iris Ceramica Group’s smart surface, presented by Fiandre through B.S.C. COLOURLIVING – its Hong Kong partner – has won the “Silver Award” at the 2023 A&D AWARDS, Hong Kong’s most prestigious awards for excellence in architecture, interior design and product design in the Asia-Pacific area and beyond.


Hypertouch, the innovative capacitive surface designed and patented by Iris Ceramica Group transforming Fiandre’s ceramic slabs into a smart ecosystem, won the award in the “Product Design - Furniture & Fittings” category. Simply lightly touching the surface of Hypertouch triggers a series of built-in home automation sensors connected with lighting, audio-video systems, windows and doors, and temperature control.


Now in their 20th edition, the A&D AWARDS have grown in value over the years and gained prestige in China and all over Asia, on par with the most important competitions of the western world. Fiandre, a leading porcelain surfaces brand and the ideal partner in prestigious architectural projects, stands out yet again on a global level thanks to its renowned partner B.S.C. COLOURLIVING.