Balance is the new surface project offering a stylistic idea of balance and harmony.

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A series of plain shades inspired by a mix of clay minerals: BALANCE comes in 14 colours, from colder to warmer hues, guaranteeing complete versatility in mixing and matching. Enriched by a pleasingly natural finish, it comes in the colours Balance Ivory, Balance Light Grey, Balance Nude, Balance Tan, Balance Azure, Balance Ochre, Balance Orange, Balance Marsala Red, Balance Steel Blue, Balance Chester Green, Balance Mustard, Balance Dark Grey, Balance Mud, Balance Umber. The lightly textured surface finish captures the light to create a uniform, intense, visually enchanting and naturally brilliant effect.

Inspired by the principles of colour therapy, these new surfaces taken on further aesthetic value when combined with the visual and tactile qualities of Fiandre ceramic marbles, stones, agates and granites. Available in sizes 120x120, 120x60, 60x60 cm, and in the new 120x270 cm format reserved for a selection of 8 out of the 14 colours in the collection (Light Grey, Azure, Steel Blue, Chester Green, Ivory, Nude, Ochre, Marsala Red).

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