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The MUAR Moscow, also known as the Schusev State Museum of Architecture , has a new fountain, designed by architect Andrey Asadov to celebrate 30 years in business for architecture firm ASADOV, of which he is the Director.
Founded in 1989 by Alexander Asadov, today the firm's Creative Director, ASADOV specialise in urban planning and architecture for public buildings related to sport and culture, as well as multi-storey residential buildings in rural locations.

Thirty years is also the time span narrated in the temporary exhibition dedicated to Russian architecture of the modern era, from 1989 to 2019, presented at the MUAR alongside the inauguration of the fountain.
The fountain was developed with the contribution of Fiandre partner MADE in the world, Kinetika boutique and is entirely covered in Soft Onyx, one of the latest high-end surfaces to be added to the Marmi Maximum range.
The ether and multi-chromatic streaks of the Soft Onyx elegantly enrich the imposing monolithic structure of the fountain, almost like a gem set on the ground. The imprinting of the FIANDRE brand towards Architecture is evident in the enormous pride we take in covering surfaces and elements all over the world that symbolise the culture of design.

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