BERLIN Architect@work

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Fiandre’s tried and tested format makes its debut in the German capital, a testing ground that shows the vital role architecture plays in urban development.
Architect@work is an excellent opportunity for Fiandre to come into contact with those who it has always thought of as privileged partners: architects, engineers and contractors who play key roles in the decision making processes linked to the world of construction, but who more than anyone represent the expressive and proactive vitality that makes a material not merely a simple ceramic product, but a real keystone to solving design challenges.
Fiandre has always been sensitive to the needs of the design world and is relaunching Maximum Fiandre Extralite, the innovative ceramic tile in a 300x150 cm format that is just 6 mm thick. It is still a unique material and since the last edition of Cersaie it has been enhanced by 3 new varieties: Gold, Bright Onyx and Travertino.
Bright Onyx and Gold Onyx offer the brilliant richness of textures inspired by natural materials on large Maximum tiles, providing inspirational surfaces for indoors and out, as well as unusual uses like walls, doors, work tops and any kind of customisation a designer can imagine.
Finally, Travertino brings to life the elegance of classic marble in large Maximum format.

23-24 th October
11 am – 6 pm
Station Berlin
Luckenwalderstr. 4-6
D - 10963 Berlin

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