For Cersaie, Iris Ceramica Group has developed the concept “The Art of Being a Group”, brought to the various brands’ showrooms through some artistic installations

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 “The Art of Being a Group” is the concept proposed by Iris Ceramica Group for Cersaie 2023, developed through a display that is both poetic and concrete: a contemporary art gallery to explore, observe, touch, arrange and rearrange. A unique narration, made of the many faces of the Group’s brands, all sharing a clear business vision: re-engineering ceramics to improve interaction between humans and the environment.

The concept “The Art of Being” is also developed in parallel in the showrooms of the various brands of the Group, where The Art of Being Architectural” reflects the soul of Fiandre Architectural Surfaces. Recently extended and restyled by AREA 17, the FAB Fiandre Architectural Bureau showroom in Castellarano hosts the artistic installations of Kaz Shirane, the internationally renowned Japanese artist who trained as an architect and interior designer.

Focusing on people and using mirrors and reflections to challenge the perception of reality, Shirane creates works that show spectators “a side of themselves that they didn’t even know existed”, as the artist says, “consequently stimulating their critical thought on the reality that surrounds us.”

The FAB space hosts PRISM WALL, a three-dimensional, semi-circular wall measuring 5.8 x 2.8 m in which changing light beams are projected and reflected against multi-faceted surfaces; visitors entering this kaleidoscopic world are immersed in their own reflected image, each time different, enjoying a unique, multi-dimensional experience. MIRROR OF TRUTH, on the other hand, is a series of stainless-steel works that play on the two-dimensionality of the patterns impressed on their surface. The mirrors dissolve and fragment the image in a mix of distortion and familiarity, becoming a reference to the cognitive process.

As the artist develops his research starting from people and their interaction with space, the expertise of Fiandre, consistently with the new statement “for unique expressions”, shows its ability to define standard and custom ceramic solutions, exploring and shaping spaces that reflect the true essence of every designer or client, with an increasingly sustainable and innovative approach.

The Art of Being project was created by Iris Ceramica Group, with the support of Machas, the international artistic consultancy agency.