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Fuorisalone / press conference
14th April 2015
18:30 – 19:00

Fuorisalone / event
14th – 19th April, 2015
Opening daytime: from 10:00 to 18:00
Cocktails: from 19:00 to 22:00

After the success, in September 2014, of the inauguration of the first FAB Fiandre Architectural Bureau designed by Bertone Design for the Castellarano site, Fiandre’s objective of actively participating in the global debate on contemporary design is confirmed with new and important national and international participation.

Expo 2015 is at the door: Italy, now more than ever under the spotlight, is transformed into a prestigious stage of world class excellence and Fiandre is committed to providing a positive contribution to the promotion of innovations for a sustainable future. Global well-being as a vital necessity is a priority that requires a joint effort in multiple areas, from food to architecture. The Fiandre Group addresses the issue of sustainability by developing production technologies that are at the forefront and favouring a conscious choice on innovative materials for architecture.

This important reflection finds a place of representation in Milan, which is a point of reference for international architects and designers. The new FAB Fiandre Architectural Bureau Milano is located In the Brera district, an exclusive crossroads of art and design. The inauguration of the new site is taking place on the occasion of the liveliest and most creative event of the year, the Fuorisalone.

FAB Milano is distanced from the static concept of a showroom: an exhibiting, educational and reception function merge into a real container of ideas that Fiandre and Porcelaingres provide to their audience. The task of translating this ambition into a project was awarded to a confirmed professional: Matteo Nunziati. The harmony between client and designer materialises immediately, giving life to the creation of a multi-functional and harmonious space.

The characteristic versatility of ceramic surfaces, skillfully interpreted by the designer, is manifested in a succession of novel application solutions: the Fiandre's maxi-tiles, thanks to the surface of 4.5 square metres and thickness of 6 mm, become an integral part of furniture designed for office areas, kitchen, living-room, bathroom and the outdoors.

This important step forward is attested by Matteo Nunziati who, with strong international experience in the world of architecture, interior and product design, has perceived the ductility of this extraordinary material highlighting the real value in the FAB Milano project.

The architect’s vision can be summarised in a real digression from the material, with a simulation of quarry blocks clad in gres porcelain, to the industrial product used in a traditional (floor and wall cladding) and novel (industrial furniture and unique pieces) context.

Historic and prestigious brands of the made in Italy design have contributed to the success of the project with additional furniture which has inserts of Fiandre surfaces.

In the outdoor area we find the SABAL line of Coro, designed by the same Nunziati, where formal and informal seating alternates with supporting tables and tables finished in gres. The interior design is aimed at the contextualisation of the Fiandre products under different functions where each room is dedicated. In the office area, the table from the FILIGREE range by Molteni & C. stands out, design by Rodolfo Dordoni, and characterised by the sinuous shape of the leg made in die-cast aluminium and the work surface in thin ceramic. The bathroom has the ELLE of Rapsel washbasins as protagonists, designed by Nunziati, and for the occasion, the inside of the bowls are clad in twisted ceramic. In the living room there are MIXIT small tables, designed by Arik Levy for Desalto, characterized by organic, soft shape and by a plan made out of Fiandre product Desalto is present once again the meeting room with its VELVET table consisting of an extruded aluminium structure, die-cast structural joints and a thin gres surface.

FAB Architectural Bureau is an ambitious and strategic project that is strongly backed by the Fiandre Group.

Theatre exhibition of extraordinary products but also a real cultural platform, from May to October FAB offers a schedule of events - handled by the Floornature team - and focused on the links between architecture, art, cuisine and sustainability.

FAB Fiandre Architectural Bureau
Via Solferino, 40 / Brera 20121 Milano
e-mail: fabmilano@granitifiandre.it

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