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Two years after the inauguration of the pilot project by Bertone Design, which resulted in the FAB Fiandre Architectural Bureau circuit with subsequent openings in Milan in 2015 and Berlin in 2016, Fiandre is back on home turf with a major new expansion at Castellarano, entrusted to the Archilinea studio.

Completely in harmony with the project completed in 2014, the recent extension maintains the strong stylistic identity of the previous development and occupies the area adjacent to the latter, increasing the size of the multifunctional space that epitomises Fiandre.

The dynamism that characterises the Fiandre brand and products, made possible by ongoing research and investments in technology, is discernible also in the company's ability to constantly evolve, creating new exhibition spaces. Archilinea, a well-established company in Italian architectural circles, accepted the brief and saw the project through to completion with consummate professionalism and enthusiasm, giving Fiandre a new way to present its products.

The concept devised by Archilinea is the result of a fruitful dialogue between client and architect, with the needs of the former and the proposals of the latter converging to achieve the same goal.
The result is a display project with a strong focus on enhancing Fiandre products - large slabs and traditional sized tiles alike - and the superb usability and flexibility of use of the spaces.

Speaking about the project, the architects said:

"Material is the undisputed star of the new Fiandre project by Archilinea. To ideally enhance the characteristics of the ceramic products, various focal points have been designed to guide visitors on a route that immediately highlights the majestic beauty of large Maximum slabs, then proceeds to the technical area where they can view the complete Fiandre range with all the colours and finishes.

The entrance leads on to a large, airy space called the "piazza" (square). From here, thanks to an intriguing play on perspective continued on the ceiling too, visitors can simultaneously admire numerous uses of Fiandre surfaces for floors, wall coverings and furnishings.

This circular-plan area is dedicated entirely to the new Maximum products displayed in five room settings, with wall coverings up to a height of 4 metres, and meticulous attention to every design detail complete with made-to-measure furnishings and iconic pieces of design.

A large central passageway, which leads to the technical display area, acts as both a link and a welcome and refreshment area for visitors thanks to the presence of a fully functioning kitchen, coated throughout with the Maximum surfaces.

Two side halls, running parallel to the central corridor with kitchen, display the Marble Lab, Fahrenheit and Core Shade collections.

The technical area, which resembles a workshop, occupies the entire rear section and, thanks to multiple display solutions, offers comprehensive assistance in identifying the best product for clients. The windows can be screened as and when required, revealing how careful thought has been given to natural colour, as clients can evaluate chromatic tone in optimum light conditions.

The entire space is bathed in diffused light with a striking "starry sky" effect, in addition to direct lighting focused on individual products.

Particular attention has been devoted to details. Every single technological element in the space has been concealed using various architectural solutions, the back wall and the beams of the ceiling are black, drawing greater attention to the laying solutions, while the use of a distinctive contrasting paint in the space fitted with staves emphasises the view of the central corridor and the distinctive look of the whole interior.

Particular consideration has been given to the choice of artworks for the various spaces, chosen to suit the product and the desired colour combinations, creating made-to-measure furnishings for each space.


Architectural stratagems carefully conceived to highlight the characteristics of ceramic products, clever colour combinations and use of crosswise floor tiles across multiple areas, customised wall coverings and furnishings in addition to the study of the correct layout and direction of the display route with respect to visitor flows in the area.

The space is also equipped with an extensive technical area which houses the entire Fiandre product range. Here visitors can compare the various products and view them under both natural and artificial light conditions, as required. The utmost care and attention have also been given to the build quality of the display systems and finishes which make this space a veritable “design clinic”.

Conveying the essence of Fiandre products means giving tangible demonstrations of their performance.
The perfect opportunity arose with the chance to create a functioning, personalised kitchen with Calacatta Light slabs by Maximum Fiandre Extralite®. Archilinea designed a made-to-measure project comprising an isle measuring some 5.8 metres in length plus a matching fitted wall system. The linear design and monolithic appearance of both sections highlight the intricately crafted details that showcase the expertise of Marmo Arredo, a leading global company producing surfaces for industrial and bespoke projects. An invaluable partner for guaranteeing the meticulous execution of the Archilinea project, Marmo Arredo transformed the Fiandre kitchen into a masterpiece of design and technology.
The veining on the Calacatta Light continues seamlessly from one door to the other of the fitted wall system, across the walls behind the sink, the induction hob integrated in the ceramic top and across the wall cabinets that surround the isle.

The FAB expansion is the story of a successful project made possible by the fortunate coming together of enlightened enterprise vision, creativity and design expertise, efficiency and perfect execution.

expansion project by Archilinea for Fiandre
Via G. Reni, 2/R – 42014 Castellarano RE
Open: 8:30 – 12:30 / 14:30 – 18:30

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