Light, permeability, comfort and beauty: the restyled FAB Fiandre Architectural Bureau showroom in Castellarano, designed by Area 17

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A space to explore, for an engaging experience, where the founding values and identity of Fiandre Architectural Surfaces come to the fore. The FAB Fiandre Architectural Bureau showroom in Castellarano inaugurates its new look not only as an exhibition space but as a permeable, multi-purpose place for work, discovery and dialogue, where guests will feel at home. The extension (the space now covers 2,000 sq.m.) and restyling project was by Area 17 Architecture and Interior, who interpreted Fiandre’s needs by creating a space flooded by natural light, a dynamic and flexible space that can be transformed according to the presentation of new ceramic surfaces and solutions and the new technologies applied.

The Area 17 design comes from the idea of an open square developing beneath a large glass-covered opening: “like in an urban setting, the layout is marked by volumes, trees and furnishing strategically placed to multiply perspectives and create different viewpoints every time,” explains Federico Gigetti, partner and senior architect at Area 17. The perimeter of the square is marked by a large, sculptural arcade offering access to the different spaces: thematic areas for the Hypertouch capacitive surfaces, the DYS Design Yours Slabs customisation technique and the new Granitech Attract magnetic installation solution. Three architectural spaces inside the square become the background for displaying specific themes, such as new ceramic surfaces, in a continuous dialogue among colours, shades, patterns and textures. In addition, in line with the new Fiandre retail concept, a 75 sq.m. area is devoted to the brand’s new look, showing how it will appear in the stores of our top partners around the world.

In line with the attention Fiandre pays to sustainability, the restyling also focused on a central area devoted to the eco-active Active Surfaces®, set within a green context with work areas and break islands immersed among trees. To investigate the benefits of these extraordinary surfaces, the ICG PLAY App is connected to the Active installation in the showroom, and visitors can enter a world created using augmented reality to discover the four beneficial properties of Active, in a sensory journey of discovery, to find out how this extraordinary ceramic material can improve the environment and our way of interacting with it.