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The stand, which, as always, flaunts a renewed look to mark the yearly event, offers its public an unprecedented scenario and unrepeatable visiting experience, having been entrusted to Studio MILO.

With offices in both Milan and London, Studio MILO was created by the two co-founders, Arianna Crosetta and Federica Gosio, who pooled their professional experience and complementary expertise to create this truly brilliant interior design, architecture and image venture. Creative vocation, artistic direction skills and a wealth of technical competence come together to allow this young, yet well-established firm to flank clients in designing and carrying out their projects.

The need to express the brand’s architectonic vocation and guarantee a complete, appreciable exposure of the numerous innovations presented, have given rise to a high-impacting project that stands out for its capacity to enhance and optimise the Fiandre materials.

The real input is the combination of the hard-wearing, hard material that is stoneware, with the soft forms of curtains that are constantly repeated both within and outside the project. The intrinsic meaning is the overcoming of the limits of a material that is only apparently rigid, like the large Maximum slab, which is in actual fact flexible and can be adapted for countless applications; the result is a “curtain” effect exterior façade that draws in the visitor, appealing to their desire to discover what lies within.

The outside and the inside of the stand respectively show a high-impact articulated geometry enclosure, clad with the new maxi slabs of Fjord Maximum and an interior with a spectacular perimeter display, but which is at the same time logical and organised into a stream of new Amazonite, White Beauty and Grey Beauty Marmi Maximum, Rock Salt Maximum, Agata Maxium, Solida and Roc De Bourgogne.
A relatively small area, but with a major visual impact, is devoted to DYS Design Your Slabs technology and Active, two of the real jewels and hallmarks of the Iris Ceramica Group in the world of architecture surfaces.

Discover the Fiandre Stand through this Virtual Tour.

Numerous tailor-made items of furnishing have been designed by Studio MILO for Fiandre, using the new 6 mm thick Maximum and 12 mm thick SapienStone products. Small accessories, unique items produced by qualified artisans, are created from stoneware and exhibit complex manufacturing techniques.

The display is completed with the new traditional size Solida and Roc De Bourgogne and the new Maximum sizes 100x250 designed to limit cutting waste in large slabs and limited height ambiances.

“In conclusion, the architectonic volume forms a treasure chest carefully guarding and celebrating the collections of the Fiandre world. These have been interpreted not only through the use of vertical and horizontal surfaces, but also with the development of made-to-measure furnishing items, like bookcases, fountains, face-to-face seating, coffee tables, meeting tables and chandeliers, all optimised with small sculptures and items.

The choice of the “sail” was made on the one hand due to the emerging plays on light and on the other to the capacity to exalt the “material”, the undisputed protagonist of the project.” [MILO Studio]

We look forward to seeing you in Cersaie to show you all the new options in the Fiandre world!

CERSAIE / International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings BOLOGNAFIERE
23 - 27 September 2019
STAND A164/B165

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