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Under the artistic guidance of Milanese studio, gianpaolovenier design, Zanutta, Italian leaders of the construction and home furnishings market, is presenting an unprecedented project developed over 12 months and dedicated to the know-how of the Bel Paese. Starting on 6th September 2018, the windows of the showroom will become centre stage for a new outfitting concept marked by craftsmanship.

Zanutta France, during the Parisian design week, is renewing its participation by launching “OUVERTURE - Savoir-faire en scène”. From an idea by designer Gian Paolo Venier, the windows of the showroom will be staging Italian excellence revisited with a truly unusual twist.

Craftsmanship, design and innovation blend together in four temporary installations inspired by the atmospheres of the Italian peninsula’s most representative art hubs: Florence, Venice, Naples and the Ligurian Riviera will follow one another in sequence throughout the year, inviting visitors to discover excellence Made in Italy, heralded by Zanutta, as always.

The stage for OUVERTURE is indeed Rue de Bourgogne, right in the nerve centre of the French capital; the original scenery offers passers-by the opportunity to delve a few moments into micro-landscapes consisting of architectural elements, “hacked” pieces of furniture and purpose-designed sets, which illustrate Italian know-how through design and architecture.

The first installation, which is to be inaugurated on 6th September, will cast the limelight on all the beauty of the capital of Tuscany. Playing with the typical patterns and colours of Florentine styling, the window has been turned into a refined outfit, starring Renaissance-style façades and precious interiors.

To represent Florence, the Musa+ collection by Fiandre Architectural Surfaces was picked together with four other brands from the design world to clad the scene.

The collection of claddings in fact offers an extensive range of sizes and textures to accommodate creativity and experimentation. MUSA+ stands out for its originality and versatility, offering endless composition possibilities thanks to the presence of slabs, strips, hexagons, squares and diamonds. The combination of pale and dark hues, which are extremely versatile, makes it possible to create a geometric pattern that recalls the typical marble decorations of the Italian Renaissance period.

During Paris Design Week, Fiandre will benefit from a premium artistic-display window, celebrating together with Zanutta the excellence of materials and finishes Made in Italy in the field of architecture and contemporary interior design.

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