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c/o FAB Architectural Bureau Milano
Via Solferino 40 / 20121 Brera
12/17 Aprile – 10 am – 10 pm
12 Aprile – press 18 pm

INSIDE TOWN, presented by Fiandre as part of Milan's Fuorisalone programme, is an installation that draws in visitors and surrounds them in an imaginary urban environment. In this micro-metropolis in 1:100 scale, Fiandre Extralite Maximum® ceramic tiles form the façades of large and small buildings as well as the décor for bathrooms, kitchens and lounges that visitors can glimpse by peeping into tiny apartments inside the various buildings.

The entrance to INSIDE TOWN offers visitors a perspective preview of a metropolitan skyline culminating in a transition into a main presentation area with a pervasive futuristic atmosphere. Mirrors arranged around the perimeter of the installation multiply the miniature buildings and present the public with an infinite number of possible views. The horizon expands, limits disappear and the visitor is inspired to accept new stimuli and to consider a vast range of possible applications for Maximum ceramic tiles.

INSIDE TOWN targets all those who enjoy both overviews and details and those who have the imagination to look beyond the immediate to the potential.

The installation reverses the usual ratio of “man to city”. The visitor, with his own ideas and desires, is free to play a key role in the urban environment where he lives.

Through the dreamlike, almost playful language of the INSIDE TOWN installation, Fiandre conveys its commitment to the development of innovative surfaces for architecture, interior design and décor. Visual perfection, durability and easy maintenance have always been the characteristics associated with Fiandre materials.

Constant investment in research and the advancement of technology, another historical distinction of GranitiFiandre S.p.A., has allowed the company's large ceramic tiles to make a real contribution to improving the quality of life.

Fiandre has revolutionised our way of thinking about ceramic tiles by identifying brand new applications for Fiandre Extralite Maximum® tiles, which come in a size of 300x150 cm and thicknesses of 6 and 10 mm.

The new Active Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™ technology allows Maximum large format tiles to be made "ecologically active" by digital applications. This latest development improves the photocatalytic performance of the tiles, which are certified to ISO standards, making them more efficient at combating air pollution, unpleasant odours and bacteria.

The technical performance of Maximum tiles is also appreciated in the field of interior design, thanks to a wide range of colours, effects and finishes. Though aesthetically inalterable and resistant to scratching, high loads, heat and chemical aggression, Maximum tiles can nevertheless be worked very easily.

Fiandre is also proud to present its most recent innovation in the form of SapienStone, specially designed and made for use in kitchens and bathrooms. SapienStone combines the Maximum surface finish with a special tile body formulated for improved resistance and flexibility in the creation of assembled surfaces. SapienStone is available in all Maximum colours and finishes, and comes in a format of 300x150 cm and in a combined thickness of 6+8 mm or a full body thickness of 20 mm. Active technology can also be applied to this extraordinary product, making it the perfect choice for kitchen worktops, washbasin surrounds, shower bases and all other contexts that demand special attention to hygiene.

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