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GranitiFiandre SpA has decided to support the FAI - Fondo Ambiente Italiano (Italian “National Trust”) by taking part in the Corporate Golden Donor.

Together with the FAI we wish to carry out a great preservation project which is also an ambitious cultural challenge: making Italy a better place to live, work and raise our children. The heritage of our landscape and culture, which the FAI protects and promotes, represents an asset that’s unique at an international level and the essential target for investment for the rebirth, development and promotion of our amazing country.
Thanks to the support of its many members, both individuals and companies, the FAI has been preserving and managing no fewer than 50 Assets throughout the country. Major historical, artistic and natural sites preserved from neglect, restored, protected and opened to the public.
Every day the FAI undertakes to protect and make available to all jewels of art, nature and culture scattered throughout the fields, towns and coasts of our country, to educate and raise public awareness and respect and care for art and nature and to represent the concerns of civil society, watching over and actively intervening in the land.

We want a better, better preserved Italy.
With the FAI we’re working to make it happen.

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