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The super-sized high-tech porcelain tiles with the incredible measurements of 300x150 cm with a thickness of only 6 mm are the product of cutting-edge research combining technology with aesthetics: marbles, onyx, cements and woods of timeless elegance offering all the benefits of the top quality porcelain Fiandre has been producing since it first opened.
Tiles covering fully 4.5 square metres, but with reduced thickness, mean lower transportation costs because of the decrease in the amount of weight to be carried and lower amounts of raw materials with 100% optimised use of every single piece, as well as reduced water and energy consumption during the production process. The key to the Maximum innovation lies in the forming system: a system with all the power required to compact such a vast area, while at the same time permitting optimal de-aeration of the air contained in the powders.
The result is a reduction of about 30% in the amount of energy required for compacting and a reduction of about 47% in water consumption. But the most exciting and amazing thing that Bureau Veritas itself has found is that this production process allows Fiandre to cut CO2 emissions for the production of Maximum to zero!
Thanks to Bureau Veritas certification, Maximum falls in line with the company’s philosophy of sustainability, without sacrificing any of its aesthetic appeal or technical performance.

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