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The event offered an important opportunity to present and promote prestigious, excellent materials in Russia, a lively market open to new ideas. For Fiandre the occasion offered an opportunity to show off its top products, the fruit of advanced technological and aesthetic research that is still unmatched anywhere in the world.

Active Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™, the first ISO certified porcelain enriched with Titanium Dioxide in micrometric form, capable of concretely eliminating the principal strains of bacteria and forms of atmospheric pollution, is becoming more and more well-known among the public and in the construction industry, for wellness is an issue that concerns everyone, and wanting to live in a healthy environment is a priority today. Floor and wall coverings that serve the same function as trees in eliminating NOx pollution are leading the world of architecture to reflect on certain key considerations and make the changes that not only architects but end consumers, and therefore all of us, are called upon to make at this time.

The design potential of Maximum Fiandre Extralite was immediately recognisable: not only all the benefits of top-end high-tech porcelain in a tile of extraordinary size (each tile measures 4.5 square metres, and is only 6 mm thick), but a refined look reminiscent of precious natural stone, satisfying the desire to design spaces of great size with the smallest possible number of interruptions.
Maximum becomes a true architectural element in its own right, a way of experimenting with new spaces and breaking with the past.

The hundreds of people who attended RIM Seasons were able to experience this first-hand.

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