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According to Fiandre, innovation means introducing cutting-edge solutions that allow designers to put their ideas into practice, responding to the needs of clients, both in terms of style and increasingly high performance.

In the brand's headquarters, the FAB Fiandre Architectural Bureau showroom in Castellarano, Fiandre has entrusted the visual presentation of the new surfaces to the company Liquido Studio.
The leitmotif of the Turin studio's project is a revival of the experience of staying in a boutique-hotel, guiding visitors along a path that winds through multiple environments, including a luxurious suite with a large walk-in closet, a private area, and a lounge area with bar. In addition to the surfaces, there are backlighting solutions operated by the Iris Ceramica Group's Hyper-touch capacitive system.

The surfaces that interpret the environment include the new GRANITI MAXIMUM collection, where the protagonist is granite, the origin of which has always fascinated scholars from all over the world. The four surfaces presented - Alaska White Maximum, Celeste Aran Maximum, Labradorite Maximum, Deep Norway Maximum - have aesthetic features derived from a combination of skilfully worked grains and crystals. Distinguished by its large panel format, GRANITI MAXIMUM presents exclusive finishes resulting from a complex process of research and development: the honed, lapped and glint finishes are in fact designed to give three-dimensionality and light, elegance and intensity.

Also present at FAB are three new colors recently added to the MARMI MAXIMUM collection. The new textures - Patagonia Maximum, Panda White Maximum and Blue Tempest Maximum - create surfaces that become decorative solutions to embellish architectural, interior and furniture projects with a unique design. In addition to the bright, shiny and reflective finish, the new honed and lapped finishes are very important for the aesthetic result achieve by the products, because they add relief and three-dimensionality to the material, in continuity with the design, which is therefore more defined.

Alongside the marbles is the new Jatoba Brown Maximum surface by PIETRE MAXIMUM, with its warm brown tone illuminated by ferrous inclusions. The exclusive lapping gives the surface a soft and material appearance, creating a pleasant polished/matte contrast and adding a subtle relief in continuity with the design, which is thus even more defined.

The spotlight is on Liquido Studio’s new full-bodied room. An environment dedicated to the traditional peak production technology relaunched by our group.

The pre-existing Il Veneziano collection is joined by PULSAR, a collection of five full-bodied colors in three finishes: satin, natural and structured. Using top quality natural raw materials, the full-bodied ceramic technique reveals the thickness of the product, which is uniform and continuous from the surface downwards. Thanks to a cutting-edge production process, raw materials and natural minerals are combined to create a deliberately casual and harmonious blend of granules and flakes that make each slab a unique and unrepeatable piece.

Another important new addition to the brand, to which a dedicated exhibition has been reserved, is the BALANCE surface project: a solid color series, with delicate textures, a matte finish and expressive composure, designed to enliven architectural spaces of particular creative intensity, and therefore to create breaks between the more intense shades and textures, allowing them to emerge with elegance. Inspired by blends of clayey minerals, BALANCE presents 14 colors ranging from the coldest to the warmest, ensuring maximum versatility and freedom to match and combine.