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Workshop 1 / light surfaces
7th - 8th October 2015

Berlin architecture hall no. 2
9th October at 5 pm
Sarotti-Höfe, Mehringdamm 53-57, 10961 Berlin-Kreuzberg

The exhibition areas of the company FIANDRE in Berlin need greater functionality and contemporary furnishings. In the building of historical value in the former Sarotti am Mehringdamm chocolate factory, located in the well-known popular area of Bergmannkiez, a new place will be created to host architecture exhibitions. In the second internal courtyard on the 1st floor, spreading across an area of about 1,100 m², the rooms will be set up for the Italian brands of porcelain stoneware Porcelaingres and FIANDRE. The south side of the surface area has been renovated and transformed into the FAB ARCHITECTURAL BUREAU BERLIN.

The architect Volker Halbach from Blauraum and the curator Sally Below from the studio SBCA grouped together three design teams along with whom they implemented the renovation in a process open from June 2015 to June 2016. The process was launched in June 2015 with the architecture hall no. 1 where the concept was presented, which will now be developed in terms of contents and practice.

The exhibition area will be converted into a multifunctional environment for three workshops. The main theme of all the workshops is "surfaces". The three categories "light, interactive and flexible" act as the respective leitmotif which Blauraum, in association with Wilk Salinas Architekten, will architecturally transform into an adapted form after every workshop. The spaces are currently empty; after the first workshop the renovation process will begin, allowing the teams of participants to get started on a renovation already split into categories, to be completed with a new level of contents.

Each workshop will have the same format: On Wednesday the team will sit down and take stock of the spaces, on Thursday it will work on the design and on Friday evening the work will be presented in the architecture hall. A conference on the theme will complete the presentation after which a party will be held.

Workshop participants 1st / October 2015

On 7th and 8th October team no. 1 will begin.
Participants: Prof. Ruth Berktold, yes architecture, Munich; Nils Buschmann, RobertNeun Architekten, Berlin; Laura Ludloff, Ludloff + Ludloff Architekten, Berlin; Claudia Meixner, Meixner Schlüter Wendt Architekten, Frankfurt; Input: Detlef Weitz, chezweitz Szenografie, Berlin

Program for Friday 9th October 2015: Berlin architecture hall no. 2

The ideas and designs created during workshop 1 will be presented to the public on 9th October:
5 pm
Presentation of the results of the workshop
6 pm
Reading by Peter Cachola Schmal, Director of Deutschen Architektur Museum, on the environments and exhibitions
7 pm
Gala with drinks, snacks and music.

Registration: until 5th October 2015 by writing to:

Other events and participants:
Workshop 2 / interactive surfaces 27th - 28th January 2016
Berlin architecture hall no. 3 29th January 2016
Participants: Chris Middleton, Kinzo, Berlino; Ritz Ritzer, bogevischs buero, Munich;
Jan Theissen, AMUNT – Architekten Martenson und Nagel Theissen, Aquisgrana/Stuttgart;
Petra Vondenhoff-Anderhalten, Anderhalten Architekten, Berlin // Input: Prof. Christiane Sauer, Formade/Lüling Sauer Architekten, Berlin // Conference: Lilli Hollein, Wien Design Week, Wien.

Workshop 3 / flexible surfaces 6th - 7th April 2016
Berlin architecture hall no. 4 8th April 2016
Participants: Bernd Bess, BESS Architects, Berlin; Yoraco González, Serein Konzeptkunst und Mikroarkitektur, Berlin; Eva Lang, Knerer und Lang Architekten, Dresden/Munich; Sylvia Leydecker, 100% interior, Cologne // Input: Prof.
Carsten Wiewiorra, Wiewiorra Hopp Schwark Architekten, Berlin // Conference: Jürgen Mayer H., J. MAYER H. und Partner, Architekten, Berlin

Berlin architecture hall no. 5 24th June 2016
Exhibition for architecture day 25th - 26th June 2016

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