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In recent years, the relationship between architecture and wine has been a point of research and major interest, widely explored by some the leading figures of contemporary architecture. It continues to attract curiosity and public approval around the world. This phenomenon is owed to the foresight and courageous choices of wine industry professionals who chose to invest in quality for wine architecture.
The recent Mesa wineries are in full synch with this trend.

They stand out for the originality of the ventilated façade that wraps the winemaking facilities, which was designed and made by Granitech, the technical division of GranitiFiandre.

Though the building consists of a simple layout and designed with respect for the functional needs of wine making, through its original envelope, it succeeds in asserting its identity and expressive message in the Sant’Anna Arresi area. Its ventilated façade was designed by the art director, Gavino Sanna.

The design of the façade’s pattern is a contemporary take on the weave of traditional Sardinian tapestries, the same that forms the image of the Sanna wine label.
The ventilated wall is made of full body porcelain tile, specifically designed and made by GranitiFiandre, which reproduce the traditional Sardinian weave of simple geometric fi gures, enhanced by the play of contrasts using only black and white.

The Granitech ventilated façade technology, combined with GranitiFiandre materials, gives the wineries an original, contemporary image, that is also deeply connected to the local Sardinian tradition. The Granitech design once again finds a perfect combination between aesthetic quality and technical performances that meet the expectations of the most discerning, high quality clientele.

From Materia 55 - ENVELOPES


Year: 2007
Client: Mesa s.a.s
Architects: Gavino Sanna
Products used: 60x60 Extra White Honed

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