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Abu Dhabi Ladies Club

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For the high quality and class clubs for ladies, and within the Indoor areas of swimming pools and water sports, the designers were challenged to create a warm cozy indoor pool environment to be added to the existing bright marble walls surrounding the area. The ceiling is designed to be conceived of as cloud-like, both winding and serene at the time to be transcended like a prolonged rain droplet from above through the mesmerizing pool reflections. The solution was to implement a naturally enriched design, gold onyx, blended with a touch of indirect and strip lighting that demonstrated a calm sophistication of a crafted space.

Indeed the selection of perfect material for its elegance and durability. The realization of design intent was an easy transition from this unique material that is very confident to last for years that was helped by the large size of porcelain slabs which provide stronger impact. The outcome is perfect from design by utilizing excellent materials for the relaxation area.

Abu Dhabi Ladies Club Abu Dhabi -

Year: 2016
Studio: UPA, Abu Dhabi & Milan Director of Design: Mr. Aswan Zubaidi; CEO of UPA Director of Interior Design: Ms. Sahar Qudsi Concept Architect: Arch. Paolo Lettieri, Managing Partner of UPA Italia
Products used: Marmi Maximum - Gold Onyx 300x150

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