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Ambassador of a dynamic modernity, in a heritage of excellence.

The BLAKE COLLECTION by Mazzali, created by designer Alvin Grassi, was born from that feeling of wellbeing that we experience as we enter our home, and from Grassi's desire to design environments and objects capable of "enveloping and preserving", thus creating a protected, functional and exciting space for those who live there.

In the words of the designer himself:

[...]"The Blake Collection is synthesis and abstraction that reinterprets aesthetic codes of the past, transposing them into functional objects produced in series to be loved, used and lived every day. With this collection I wanted to materialise the most authentic emotions that form part of our everyday life, translating them transversally in synthesis in the mastery and in maximum excellence, the heritage of a piece of furniture designed by Mazzali Italia" [...]

MAZZALI / Bespoke Italian Furniture
Founded in 1962 by two expert carpenters who recognised the potential in the wardrobe market, today Mazzali is an innovative key player in the furniture industry. A modern company that bases its success on the flexibility of its range and on maximum product customisation, a company that is able to modernise the culture of wood and its processing, nowadays the heritage of few industrial firms. The Mazzali product range is characterised by high quality, attention to detail and meticulous design, from the bedroom to the living space. Production that has developed with respect for the environment and social responsibility, throughout the supply chain, as a strategy for success.


Year: 2019
Client: Mazzali Bespoke Italian Furniture
Products used: Manufacturer: Mazzali Grandi Armadi Srl
Design: Alvin Grassi

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