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The "Forum Guido Monzani" is a multi-functional complex built for a wide range of event types including conferences and meetings, exhibitions, fashion shows, concerts, plays, training courses, gala dinners and more. The Forum was designed by architects Ferdinando Forlay and Silvio Cassarà in collaboration with Maria Claudia Brighenti.

The complex is divided into four areas. The area dedicated to conferences and cultural events, the auditorium, foyer, and modular meeting rooms; the dining area with a restaurant bar; a park area, and a residence with 28 apartments furnished with all of the amenities.
The volumes have clean, soft and well-defined shapes that help the complex meld seamlessly into the landscape of the local area. Elegance, simplicity and functionality are the bywords of the project, found in the interior spaces as well where the sophisticated use of light, along with volumes and material surfaces, create attractive visual effects. The entire complex has a modular, flexible structure, completed by state-of-the-art technology.

The idea that guided the overall project was to place auditorium and the foyer as the conceptual pivot point of the entire complex around which the other three spatial elements and the numerous activities revolve.
The auditorium’s main hall has an amphitheater shape and was specially designed acoustically.
Its total capacity of a thousand seats is modular to accommodate events of various sizes.
The large semicircular stage was designed to be adapted to diverse types of set ups. Spaces for auxiliary services complete the auditorium and include dressing rooms, director rooms, simultaneous interpretation booths and audio-visual equipment for projection on two screens.
The auditorium’s spaces is delimited on the outside by the original curved surface of the parameter and on the inside by the two wings of the elegant former spread over two floors and connected by a spectacular system of stairways.

The large space of the foyer is well-lit, enhanced by the choice of Rockwell White, from GranitiFiandre’s collection "New Granite", part of “Geologica-The New Stones”, in which the dominant white features the presence of minerals with shades of gray and black to create a special grainy appearance. Particular care was taken with this space because its central position to the other elements allows accessibility from the outside as well as from the garden, and its spatial features means it can be set up for complex or simple events such as shows, exhibition stands, coffee breaks and informal gatherings.
This area is also pivotal in connecting the auditorium and other spaces. Two modular meeting rooms can be accessed from the foyer, completing the conference and cultural areas.

Sala Bossoli is located on the ground floor and has a hundred fixed seats while the hall on the upper floor is equipped with soundproof mobile walls which make various modular options available with 100, 60 and 30 seats.
To the side of the meeting areas, there is an elegant restaurant bar with a view of the entire park. The residence area completes the complex and stands across from the auditorium.
All of the 28 new apartments are equipped with all of the amenities and overlook the park which runs behind the complex over an area a of 9,500 square meters.

Laura Puliti


Year: 2000
Square Meters: 3500
Architects: Ferdinando Forlay, Silvio Cassarà
Products used: 45,7x45,7 Rockwell White Honed

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