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60x60 Crema Marfil Select Polished
60x30 Ardesio

The Shopping Center June is designed as a 5-story building with two central malls with light through the roof to all floors. The range of shops and entertainment possibilitys starts from a big supermarket in the basement to a 7-hall kinocenter and a big foodcourt in the top.

The interior design on the one hand tries to keep the main apointment of the customers on the shops – clear bright floors, good lightning, some green plants - and on the other hand to give them some orientation landmarks – coloured columns, different for each floor - when walking trough the whole business center. Two small areas are designed like an "Old City" 300 years ago. As well as the name "June" of the Shopping Center is standing for a good summertime feeling in the most pleasured month of the russian year – also the interior design suspend this impression.

MARFA-Studio Moscow Architectural Factory
"MARFA-Studio" is an russian architectural office, oppened in 2005 and is placed in Moscow. Presently the company provides services in public construction, office buildings and private cottages designing, and is also engaged in replanning of apartments and offices.
The diplomaed architects and designers carry out absolutely all kinds of design works from the concept and three-dimensional visualization to the development of the bits of furniture and interiors' details of any complexity.

Year: 2008
Square Meters: 15500
Studio: OOO MARFA-Studio

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