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Always able to blend performance and aesthetics, the leading high-end porcelain stoneware tiling manufacturer Fiandre is presenting two new textures at the 2017 edition of CERSAIE, extending the range of the Marmi Maximum, Dark Marquina and Eminent Wood offering, plus an extremely versatile collection designed for traditional sizes, MUSA+.
Dark Marquina reproduces the famous Spanish marble, in which extremely fine white veins cut across a deep black background, lending spaces character and refinement. At the Fiandre stand A164 - B165 / Hall 25, a bathroom furnished entirely with Dark Marquina shows off all the elegance of this texture.The concept of Eminent Wood Maximum is inspired, on the other hand, by the process of wood fossilisation that occurs over millennia; an incredible material effect, rendered with extraordinary effectiveness. The walls and floors of the Fiandre stand’s central gallery are covered entirely using this new line, in its Eminent Brown variant.
The applications of Dark Marquina and Eminent Wood in the Fiandre Exhibition space are emblematic of the great potential of Maximum technology, through which extensive surfaces can be covered continuously. The large slabs from Fiandre, just 6 mm thick, are extremely light and allow the utmost freedom of expression, in both residential and commercial settings, both indoors and outdoors. Their slim and lightweight character also make them suitable for becoming an integral part of furnishings such as tables, chairs, kitchens, doors, partitions and basins, bringing porcelain stoneware back to its rightful place among the materials at the disposal of industrial design.
Also in the stand is a living space which is instead dedicated entirely to Fiandre’s new proposal for traditional sizes: MUSA+. The collection, extremely rich and multifaceted, plays on the understated charm of neutral shades, finding expression in three finishes and a multitude of basic modules that create great scope for creativity. Slabs, strips, boards, hexagons, squares and rhomboids can join to make up endless combinations, permitting the utmost personalisation of spaces. A product that responds to the desire of today’s consumer, who wants increasingly unique, tailor-made spaces for their home.
With the new developments of this year, Fiandre once more demonstrates its capacity to successfully meet the demands of a world of design undergoing constant stylistic and technological evolution.

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