MUSA+ is inspiration on the spur of the moment, the memory of an instant; it is the desire to create. It is art.

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MUSA+ is inspiration on the spur of the moment, the memory of an instant; it is the desire to create. It is art.
Ceramic tiles are presented in an original range of colours and sizes with an apparent neutrality. Indeed, it is these very basic shades that enable you to go beyond mere creative ability, playing with combinations oozing with rare elegance and absolute originality.
The hot and cold tones demonstrate all their versatility in the combinations of shapes and textures that are ideal for both industrial and retail environments. Indeed, it is residential architecture - which is totally free in its aesthetic decisions - that benefits from these floor and wall tiles, setting no limits whatsoever to the imagination.
All settings, both public and private, can be customised through the use of decorations, in the form of diamonds and hexagons, slabs, strips, boards, installation diagrams, patterns, textures and finishes that emphasise the surfaces, lending them a unique and inimitable appearance.

Nature seeps out, leaving evident traces of its apparent imperfection on the surface.

Time wears down the surfaces, lending them a vintage appearance that tells a hundred tales.

Water erodes and consumes, yet it also imbues the surfaces over which it runs with new life and light.

The MUSA+ collection, in the colours Dune, Shadow, Chalk and Umber, now includes the new 100x100 cm format in the 6 cm thickness, lightweight but still large and easy to handle. The use of this size expands the perceived size of floors and walls throughout the space, whether large or small. MUSA+, with its ever more complete range of eclectic neutral colours and finishes for all applications, offers functional and aesthetic solutions for specific design requirements.


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