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120x60 Pietra di Bedonia Polished

Year: 2008
Square Meters: 600
Studio: Brunello Sighinolfi Architettura della Comunicazione

Partner: Arch. Moreno Savini Lighting consultance: Leitmotif di Thomas Weissemberg Decor: Cesare Roversi Arredamenti srl Electrical system: Planex srl Air conditioning system: Planex srl Glass and steel structures: Badoer Infissi sas Property developer: Ediltre srl The aim of Brunello Sighinolfi Studio, suggested by the purchaser, was to support, through the reinterpretation of the space organization, the materials’ and colours’ choice, and the new image that the bank wanted to communicate: a participated, open, transparent, technologically advanced but welcoming space. A place where the client can become a protagonist. A unique big fluid space, where the several activities and services could be easily detectable and usable. The waiting space with circular sittings and big paradise flowers plants, the aluminium and glass consultancy islands, identified by big coloured glass discs, the area dedicated to the "on-line Bank", with ergonomic tables where the three iMac, connected with as many printers, consent to the clients an important practicality in total autonomy. The lot "fluctuant" on a flooring realized with the Bedonia collection in the big format 120x60 and in the polished finishing, proposing an intense grey shade, with balanced lighting that amplifies the space, suggesting again the reflections, the big skylight, the ceiling lights’ circular marks, the portico’s arches of Treviso’s old town.

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