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60x60 Extra White Matt

Year: 2007
Architects: Arch. Franco Biondi
Studio: Paschi Gestione Immobiliare

The project regarding the so-called solar ATM is the result of an idea developed by the designer combining a specific need of the Bank with the ethical policy implemented by the same bank in relation to environmental protection.
The need of the Monte dei Paschi di Siena Bank was to develop an ATM station, completely autonomous and unattended, located very close to the tourist port of Scarlino (Grosseto).The project implied the development of a station that would also be something more than a machine wrapped in a specific housing that would guarantee its protection.

The objectives of the project are summarized here below: to develop a product composed of elements that could be pre-fabricated and that could be easily assembled on site; to develop a self-managed station from the energy standpoint through the use of a series of photovoltaic panels; to develop a structure with suitable characteristics for the maintenance of an ideal microclimate inside it for the operation of the electronic equipment, thanks to the installation of a self-ventilated air chamber located between the external skin, composed of GranitiFiandre porcelain stoneware slaps, and the internal section in reinforced sheeting (like a ventilated façade).

A detailed analysis of the shades developed by the external elements completed the project (photovoltaic roof and external architectural fence); to use environmentally friendly material, tested for its entire life cycle and therefore easily and entirely recyclable at the end of the life cycle; to develop a product with a beautiful look that could be easily used in various environmental contexts and that, above all, would convey an educational message to users; to develop a station that could also operate in areas that cannot be reached by the energy and telephone networks, thanks to the installation of internal accumulators and a GSM-based communication system; to develop a flexible station in relation to its use, since it could possibly also include, in addition to the ATM, a series of other automatic devices strictly linked to banking operations and information distribution.

The materials used are porcelain stoneware slabs GranitiFiandre 60x60cm Extra White matt applied for the external skin as a continuous façade, Corten steel for the two arches supporting the photovoltaic panels, stainless steel mesh as a screen for the shadowed areas on the façades of the installation and reinforced steel for the security cell holding the ATM equipment.

The Scarlino installation is the firstprototype, which the Bank intends to reproduce in various locations scattered throughout Italy. According to the projections, this installation is expected to generate more energy than it needs in one year of operation. The energy in excess will be conveyed into the ENEL network.

From Materia n°57 - WOODEN SURFACES

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