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120x60 Lavagna Slate

Year: 2007
Studio: Morosini Studio

“Ferrari is a dream and a dream needs no advertising”.
This is the philosophy of the Ferrari brand. A philosophy that has prevailed also on the occasion of the 62nd International Motor Show (IAA) Cars held at Frankfurt in the month of September, in which the new Ferrari 430 Scuderia was presented. For the last three years, the Ferrari stands have been designed by the Marco Morosini Studio, which, on this occasion, has chosen as its partner GranitiFiandre.

From this collaboration with the creative staff of the Morosini Studio came the idea of a great central overhead hall, a kind of materialized box. A place differentiated from the others for its silence, implying clean lines, minimalism, fewer images but above all concentration, a raised theatrical stage that focuses the visitor’s attention on the red cars, an enduring cult object for both adults and children.

At the foot of the box are displayed the Ferraris of yesterday and today, protected by glass cases as if to enhance still further their value, like precious pieces of modern art. Diffused light inside the box illuminates the cars, clearly evidencing the lines, gentle but simultaneously aggressive, that have always distinguished these monuments to Italian technology.
The stand is faced with the material Lavagna, in 120x60 cm slabs from the NewStone collection of GranitiFiandre, whose dark tone contrasts with the red that is the eternal symbol of the brand, thus contributing to create a perfect frame, an ideal background against which the cars stand out strikingly.

The design of the box is not limited to the stage that frames the new car, but continues in the space behind it, where, in continuation with the concept of the stand, the red Ferrari colour and the dark gray slate colour of GranitiFiandre are combined again in the recessed display cases containing the precious leathers available to personalize the interiors of the Maranello cars and the exclusive colours of the carbodies, with at the center the “baton”, testimonial along with the prancing horse to the brand’s sixty years of history.
A revised version of the stand will appear also at the International Salon of Detroit in 2008.

Margherita Caldi Inchingolo
From Materia n°56 - TRASPARENCIES

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