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60x60 Black Polished

Year: 2004
Square Meters: 800
Architects: Arch. Tiziano Lugli

In the Galleria Ferrari’s process of growth “by bits” and over time, a building process has come to completion with this expansion of the structure that entailed important compositional exercises and the use of the most exceptional and important materials of our time. Ceramics, which has won over the world of architecture, was, of course, part of it.

Here ceramics is not used as a finish, but as a full-fledged architectural material in its own right, a participant in the composition.
The Black ceramics, in the 60x60cm polished size, chosen among GranitiFiandre’s sophisticated, innovative products, forms the ventilated façade with a concealed system to give the gallery a distinctive architectural identity.

The material is subtle in the filigree that marks the joints, a supporting actor; strong in presenting clear, elegant color, it marvelously represents the theme of the Galleria Ferrari contents, a virtual emblem of strength, precision and elegance. It makes a bright and beautiful presence. The black of the ceramic slabs and Ferrari’s trademark red dialogue and play off each other in a successful color balance born of contrast and expressivity.

Rather than a “skin”, it is a component of the structure, which presents its eye-catching, beautiful qualities both on the inside and the outside. It gives visitors a foretaste of the thrills that await them inside. These values transcend pure material.
They draw on instinctive choices of the architect who selects ceramics, a product exploding in technological and color development, and enters into the project’s sensibility to experience the excitement of compositional design.

Tiziano Lugli

From Materia n°45 - CERAMICS

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