Raised floors
Laying and Accessories

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Once markings have been made and finished levels checked, the first operation to be carried out when laying a floating floor is to position the columns following the set points on the traced modular grid.

The columns are then joined together using cross-section stringers, which are screwed, bolted of fitted with fixed joints to the ends of the columns.

PVC gaskets are fitted onto the cross-section stringers to give the panels better support.
Now the structure is ready to be levelled according to the heights of the finished floor on the site.

The panels are laid on the assembled structure and checked at each apex to make sure that they are correctly resting on the structure.

After the edges have been cut and a final check has been carried out, the floating floor is completed.

To complete the raised floor, Granitech offers a series of fundamental accessories to perfectly finish off the structure:

  • Suction cap for removing panels
  • Removable ventilation grid
  • Disappearing wire running pit
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