Marble Lab

Marble Lab is the most refined selection of Fiandre marbles.  The purest shades, each characterised by slight or more intense grains, with the typical ripples of the authentic charm of rare and precious quarries, were developed in the Fiandre laboratories to blend aesthetic perfection and high performance in a single product.

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Marble Lab

Marble Lab is a practically eternal material in terms of taste and life cycle, a range of surfaces that withstand the passage of fleeting trends, extremely tough and compact with the highest technical characteristics.

In addition to the eighteen colours already available in formats 120x60 and 60x60 cm, 8 mm thick, come five new textures - Alaska White, Jatoba Brown, Patagonia, Camouflage, Breccia Sarda - and a new format, 120x120 cm, combining tradition and innovation. The compact and easy-to-handle traditional formats are combined with the perception of greater breadth offered by the larger size, with greater possibilities for use and greater variety of aesthetic compositions.

The most advanced production technology and the research and development know-how gained by Fiandre are used to create deep, full shades, clear grains, clouded effects and transparencies that are typical of the most sophisticated stone materials.


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