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Porcelain Tile Marble/Granite Effect

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Riciclo - Recycle The products bearing this symbol have been manufactured using at least 40% of recycled material.
They comply with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) requirements as regards criterion 4.1 regarding “Recycled Material Content”.

Variante Code Skid resistance
Din 51130
Finish Thickness
100X100 (40"X40") - MML3261010 - Bright 0,60
150X150 (60"X60") - MML3261515 - Bright 0,60
150X75 (60"X30") - MML326715 - Bright 0,60
250X100 (100"X40") - MML3261025 - Bright 0,60
300X150 (120"X60") - MML3261530 - Bright 0,60
75X37,5 (30"X15") - MML32673 - Bright 0,60
75X75 (30"X30") - MML32677 - Bright 0,60
150X150 (60"X60") - MMH3261515 - Satin 0,60
150X75 (60"X30") - MMH326715 - Satin 0,60
300X150 (120"X60") - MMH3261530 - Satin 0,60
75X37,5 (30"X15") - MMH32673 - Satin 0,60
75X75 (30"X30") - MMH32677 - Satin 0,60
100X100 (40"X40") - MMS3261010 - Honed 0,60
150X150 (60"X60") - MMS3261515 R9 Honed 0,60
150X75 (60"X30") - MMS326715 R9 Honed 0,60
250X100 (100"X40") - MMS3261025 - Honed 0,60
300X150 (120"X60") - MMS3261530 R9 Honed 0,60
75X37,5 (30"X15") - MMS32673 R9 Honed 0,60
75X75 (30"X30") - MMS32677 R9 Honed 0,60

The sophisticated anthracite background colour is run through with fine, candid grains that add a harmonious visual effect and the possibility for transversal use, in terms of both taste and application. An unmistakeable style, superb production and high performance make Pietra Grey an irreplaceable surface for enhancing any architecture or interior design project. MAXIMUM technology also allows Pietra Grey, like all the other colours in the range, to be used in conventional building contexts - floors, wall coverings and façades, as well as unique settings such as furnishings.
The maxi-size 300x150 cm, the ultra-thin thickness of 6 mm and the technical advantages of porcelain stoneware in terms of hardness, mechanical strength, non-absorbency and cleanability, make MAXIMUM the ideal surface for bathroom complements, tables and work tops, sliding doors, furniture surfaces, cupboards and seating.
Whether industrial design or custom-made, Pietra Grey and all the other MAXIMUM products are easy to machine, offering designers freedom of expression for creating total look solutions ensuring full visual continuity between floors, wall coverings and furniture.
In five different sizes and two different finishes, this targeted selection meets all specific technical and design needs.

With the introduction of the 250x100 cm format, FIANDRE offers wall panels with a double advantage for the client and the installer: the 250 cm height does away with the need to cut the panel to size, thus reducing waste when installing the tiles, and also facilitates transport to the user's floor with lifts and load elevators. The new format is available in combination with the new 100x100 cm sub-format.


Degree of colour change

V2 Light




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