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Riciclo - Recycle The products bearing this symbol have been manufactured using at least 40% of recycled material.
They comply with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) requirements as regards criterion 4.1 regarding "Recycled Material Content".

Variante Code Skid resistance
DIN 51130 ***
Finish Thickness
300X150 (120"X60")MAXIMUM - MML3361530 - Bright 0,60
300X150 (120"X60")MAXIMUMA MML3461530 - Bright 0,60
300X150 (120"X60")MAXIMUMB MML3561530 - Bright 0,60
300X150 (120"X60")MAXIMUM - MMH3361530 - Satin 0,60
300X150 (120"X60")MAXIMUM - MMS3361530 R9 Honed 0,60
270X120 (108"X48")MAXIMUM - MML3362712 - Bright 0,60
270X120 (108"X48")MAXIMUM - MMH3362712 - Satin 0,60
270X120 (108"X48")MAXIMUM - MMS3362712 R9 Honed 0,60
150X150 (60"X60")MAXIMUM - MML3361515 - Bright 0,60
150X75 (60"X30")MAXIMUM - MML336715 - Bright 0,60
150X150 (60"X60")MAXIMUM - MMH3361515 - Satin 0,60
150X75 (60"X30")MAXIMUM - MMH336715 - Satin 0,60
150X150 (60"X60")MAXIMUM - MMS3361515 R9 Honed 0,60
150X75 (60"X30")MAXIMUM - MMS336715 R9 Honed 0,60
120X120 (48"X48")MAXIMUM - MML336120 - Bright 0,60
120X60 (48"X24")MARBLE LAB - AL191X864 - Bright 0,80
120X60 (48"X24")MARBLE LAB - ASS191X864 R10 A+B Matt Antislip 0,80
120X120 (48"X48")MAXIMUM - MMH336120 - Satin 0,60
120X60 (48"X24")MARBLE LAB - AH191X864 - Satin 0,80
120X120 (48"X48")MAXIMUM - MMS336120 R9 Honed 0,60
120X60 (48"X24")MARBLE LAB - AS191X864 R9 Honed 0,80
75X37,5 (30"X15")MAXIMUM - MML33673 - Bright 0,60
75X75 (30"X30")MAXIMUM - MML33677 - Bright 0,60
75X37,5 (30"X15")MAXIMUM - MMH33673 - Satin 0,60
75X75 (30"X30")MAXIMUM - MMH33677 - Satin 0,60
75X37,5 (30"X15")MAXIMUM - MMS33673 R9 Honed 0,60
75X75 (30"X30")MAXIMUM - MMS33677 R9 Honed 0,60
60X60 (24"X24")MARBLE LAB - AL191X860 - Bright 0,80
60X60 (24"X24")MARBLE LAB - ASS191X860 R10 A+B Matt Antislip 0,80
60X60 (24"X24")MARBLE LAB - AH191X860 - Satin 0,80
60X60 (24"X24")MARBLE LAB - AS191X860 R9 Honed 0,80

Premium White Maximum extends the MARMI MAXIMUM collection with a new, luminous surface marked by soft, silver grains. The pure, marble whiteness of Premium White Maximum light up any setting, adding the timeless charm of a surface that catches the eye.

An unmistakeable style, superb production and high performance make Premium White Maximum an irreplaceable surface for enhancing any architecture or interior design project. MAXIMUM technology also allows Premium White Maximum, like all the other colours in the range, to be used in conventional building contexts - floors, wall coverings and façades, as well as unique settings such as furnishings.
The maxi-size 300x150 cm, the ultra-thin thickness of 6 mm and the technical advantages of Porcelain Slabs in terms of hardness, mechanical strength, non-absorbency and cleanability, make MAXIMUM the ideal surface for bathroom complements, tables and work tops, sliding doors, furniture surfaces, cupboards and seating.
Whether industrial design or custom-made, Premium White Maximum and all the other MAXIMUM products are easy to machine, offering designers freedom of expression for creating total look solutions ensuring full visual continuity between floors, wall coverings and furniture. In five different sizes and two different finishes, this targeted selection meets all specific technical and design needs.

Not just aesthetics but also ethics. New 120X270 and 120X120cm formats.

Marmi Maximum is part of the new range of Maximum formats designed to eradicate on site material waste. At just 6mm thick, the 120 x 270cm format has been designed to eliminate cutting wastage in accordance with the minimum ceiling height for habitable rooms. In addition, the 120 x 120cm format is compatible with generally accepted standard shower tray sizes in many countries where we work.


Degree of colour change

V3 Strong


Slip resistance values, coeffcient of static or dynamic friction shown in the catalogue or in the website, are purely indicative and not binding.
Any specific requirements must be confirmed by us at the time of ordering and in any case before installation.
The processing of natural raw materials, combined with the use of leading-edge patented production techniques, makes it possible to obtain high-tech materials characterized by typical full-body effects, a feature that has always been the exclusive hallmark of quarried marble and stone.
Chromatic variations, veining and speckling are thus prized characteristics of Fiandre materials.