Terminal Amerigo Vespucci
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Terminal Amerigo Vespucci, Civitavecchia (Roma)

(Civitavecchia, Roma)

From 18th May 2018, Civitavecchia cruise port boasts the presence of the Terminal Amerigo Vespucci, one of the largest of Europe with its 11.000sq. Eighteen months of feverish works have represented the challenge accepted and successfully completed, despite the time schedule that seemed almost impossible due to the dimensions of the project and the effort of coordination required.

To Roma Cruise Terminal (RCT) with an investment of around € 20 million, goes the merit and pride of this important achievement that will offer a strong impulse of growth and a significant economical benefit not only to the city, but to the Lazio region and Italy itself as first permanent hub of connection between the port and the world. Able to accommodate large cruise ships, the building equipped with the most modern control services for passengers and baggage, aims to make as fast as possible the check-in operations.
The need to simultaneously embark about 5000/6000 people and disembark the same number of passengers has suggested 60 control stations that can easily transform into 120.

The philosophy behind the conception and realization of the structure is to make the vacation start in the terminal, offering at the first impact a spacious, well lit, airy, welcoming environment.
Scattered throughout the area, 90 screens keep constantly updated the travelers. The VIP lounge and the ‘Cruise Bar’ with a generous panoramic terrace, at the first floor, guarantee pleasant moments before boarding.
Testimony of the rich history of Lazio a small space has been dedicated to the exhibition of Roman and Etruscan historical artifacts. Two bridges bring directly the passenger to the ship.

The architectural gesture, conceived by Genoa-based Studio Vicini Architects, authors of several other terminals, proposes the perimeter walls as continuous, floor to ceiling glass ribbons, to connect as much as possible with the superb context, making almost tangible the presence of the sea on two sides.

Fifty companies have collaborated to this strategic, important gateway to Italy and the vacation cruise.
For the floor finishing the idea was to find a material that well suited the energetic and modern ambience, with prerogatives of elevated resistance.

Abandoned the utilization of resin, for fear of possible cracks on an overall surface of 5000sqm (3000sqm ground floor and 2000sqm first floor), the choice ended up on FIANDRE Architectural Surfaces, HQ.Resin Maximum porcelain stoneware tiles, the new collection that resembles with its particular look the resin’s appearance and features.
The special format 100x100 cm of the slabs in brown burnished color perfectly responded to the expectations, emphasizing the continuity of the wide, extensive open layout practically without signs of interruption and an excellent result of uniformity.
The surface tone-on-tone has conferred the contemporary touch the architects were looking for.
The very high performance of the product well fits the situation of intense traffic (12.000 people a day and about 3 million a year) thanks to its resistance.
The thickness of just 6mm, easy and quick to install, has been another precious contribution to the tight deadline. FIANDRE has tiled the whole internal area and the outdoor terrace, satisfying the client not only with the undisputed quality of the products but helping to achieve an excellent final result that perfectly combines aesthetics and functionality.