The President Penthouse, Cape Town
Design your home feeling

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The President Penthouse, Cape Town

Design your home feeling
The perfect mix between performance and appareance

On a predominant coastal location of Cape Town, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, dominates the 214 square meter "The President Penthouse". The spectacular view has driven the intervention by the architects KMA-Ben Kotlowitz and Niche Interiors-Judith Hendry.

The renovation concept aims to ensure and exalt a strong connectivity between inside and outside, allowing the natural environment to powerfully prevail and fully transmit the strong sensory experience.

The clients, both art lovers, have stressed the importance of transforming their outdated penthouse from a three bedrooms and two bathrooms into an open, airy, free flowing space, responding to the site and emphasizing the panoramic vista with an ever-present visual connection from all the corners of the apartment. A neutral ambience of white clarity creates a modern and minimalist atmosphere of lightness and serenity, expressing a feeling intimate and cozy, permitting the ocean to invade the rooms as main focal point. Entertaining friends, sitting in front of large glass windows, working at the studio’s desk, cooking or laying in the bed, the sight is brought to the stunning backdrop of the sea, that, as a constant presence, pleasantly accompanies the various daily moments.

Fiandre Architectural Surfaces porcelain tiles from the collection Calacatta Statuario Marmi Maximum, chosen for dressing the floor of the entire space, provide the perfect refined, blank canvas the architects had in mind, to give the due emphasis to the contemporaneous, colorful art collection of the owners and guarantee a synergic interaction with the scenery.

The widespread candor of the marble offers a sophisticated, welcoming shell that becomes particularly vibrant animated by the effects of natural reflections of light and water. The grey veins of the beautiful, classical marble have inspired as a common tread parts of the renovation of interior. The large format of the slates of Calacatta Statuario Marmi Maximum collection, 300x150cm, widens extraordinarily the space, blurring the scale of the apartment and presenting the perfect continuity of an appealing drapery of impeccable purity due to the minimum of joint lines.

Besides the aesthetic qualities, the matt surface of the porcelain moderates sun light reflection, offering a refreshing, relaxing ambience. Easy to maintain, to clean, not slippery are other advantages proudly highlighted by the architects, who mention how successfully the large tiles, 6mm of thickness, have been installed against any initial skepticism.

The tiles have been provided by Studio Masson privileged partner of Fiandre in Cape Town, and represent an innovation in South African market for the unique one of a kind large dimension and minimum thickness.
Studio Masson is pleased of offering innovative design and superior quality, unlike any other tiling finishes available in South Africa, conjugating fantastic aesthetic performances with low maintenance and eco sustainable properties.
The expert guidance of Masson's competent team has provided for the project not only the leading, innovative Italian brand’s finest slabs but assured, as habitual consuetude, sound advices and attentive professional assistance in order to reach the highest possible results.