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Active Usa

Exposure to natural light sharpens the features anti-bacterial properties of Active Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™, the results in the external facade reach the maximum of possibilities.

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Active Usa

Profound commitment to safeguarding the environment has led to remarkable progress in terms of sustainable development, enabling a new generation of eco-active materials and reducing environmental impact through energy saving initiatives, strict production efficiency standards and a diligent raw material optimisation policy.

In the presence of light and moisture, a strong oxidation is activated by Active Photocatalytic CeramicTM, that leads to the decomposition of particular nitrogen oxides (NOx) in the air, when they come in contact with the ctive Photocatalytic CeramicTM surface.

Preservation of aesthetic characteristics by exploiting the capability to repel dirt and other contaminates every time it rains.

Abatement of nitrogen oxides pollutants (NOx) Observed deodorizing effect The excellent physical-chemical characteristics of Active Photocatalytic CeramicTM make it ideal for the following applications:

  • Exterior cladding of buildings
  • Interior
  • Wall
  • Floor

Just as plants can absorb and remove NOX air pollutants, which cause acid rain and ozone, the photocatalytic properties of ctive Photocatalytic CeramicTM reduce NOx concentrations in the air.

Active Photocatalytic CeramicTM is an environmental technology utilizing photocatalysts that interact with light and water.

It can be used effectively in various applications, including walls and floors.

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